Make it personal! Have your favorite pairs of True Boxers custom embroidered for yourself, gifts for friends, family and coworkers; wearable or decorative promotions for businesses - we do it all. Our individualized attention to detail means superior results for you. Show your love for sustainable fashion with that special touch!

Embroidery at True Boxers is FREE, however you need to order three or more pairs of True Boxers. We can not offer our embroidery service for orders of less than 3 pairs. You can choose your initials (max. 2 capital letters) for each of your desired True Boxers. The color of the embroidery will always match the color of the waist fabric. Due to the fact that the boxer shorts are personally provided with your initials, a return is not possible. All embroidery is made in Vienna, Austria. With True Boxer's embroidery service you can now make your name wearable and recognizable, feel the difference!

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